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We believe that through our unique approach we can help our clients see the bigger picture and better understand the interrelated issues that are at play

Our ILC Services


The manner of services operating from provider to provider can change,
but the principles remain the same.


We work with clients on all types of contract
administration and cost management.


Procurement is not just the process, but ensuring
the requirements are properly understood.


Our service reviews dig into the detail
to see how contracts are performing.

A social housing service provider that both consults and builds: unusual but smart

Properly managed collaborative working

We know from our experience that a collaborative approach brings many benefits.
We have gained valuable insights into the issues and challenges
that our clients have to deal with daily, and how to resolve them.

Adding real value to our client's business

Whatever we do, we go beyond expectations by always looking for
ways to help improve systems, processes and relationships.

Immediate impact and long term solutions

There are not enough hours in the day to manage the day
job let alone manage and implement new initiatives and ventures.
Impart Links offers effective collaboration and planning for the future.
We are able to provide strategic insights, advice and support
to help our clients manage change, from day one.

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